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Slash in The Lost World

Slash for Conan Arthur Doyle's The Lost World
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This community exists for the sharing of slash fanfiction and art in the Lost World fandom, where slash refers to same-sex pairings, and where The Lost World refers to one of any number of adaptations of Sir Conan Arthur Doyle's story, but especially the television show that ran from 1999 through 2002.

We expect the primary pairings to be Ned/Roxton and Marguerite/Veronica, but any other same-sex pairings are welcome as well!

We here at LostWorldSlash know that the Ned/Veronica and Marguerite/Roxton pairings are intended by canon. However, it is possible to enjoy the show from the perspective that same-sex subtexts are also present. This community exists to provide a forum for those viewers to enjoy the slashy potential of the show, since many official boards are "family forums" and don't allow that sort of thing. We don't want to rain on anyone else's parade or ship or fandom experience, and very much appreciate if the courtesy is returned!
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